Spot the Terrorist Propaganda and Other Types of Fake News

Lets start off with Gerald Seymour’s classic quote, “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”

I get it. Propaganda Folk, (PF), are really convincing when using words. If a PF spent the same amount of time on Anti Gravity. Flying cars would be in use today. Another problem with a PF is when it has a point. I see internet stories by a certain PF which wants to express a certain Fact. This PF has a personal conclusion.So how does a person who is busy deal with a PF viewpoint? The short story is, they do not.

It is no secret that I am working on a Personal Artificial Intelligence,(PAI), program. Along with paying my bills. My PAI should be able to analyze news stories. What do I mean by analyze news stories? When I hear a news story some technical facts make them selves apparent. First, there is no punctuation.There is no upper case or lower case. This means that what I am hearing is one very long string of words.

How most folks speak is by combining Noun Phrases,(NP), with Verb Phrases,(VP). I am trying an idea where my Python/NLTK/Chatbot,(PNC), program takes a string of words and chops them up into NP, and VP. The PNC validates each phrase. The phrase is matched to a Valid Phrase List,(VPL). An example is, “Fish can swim.”Not all phrases are valid. If there is no match in the VPL, then the phrase is compared to a List of False Phrases,(LFP). If there is no match, then the PAI asks me if the phrase is true or false. I find myself doing a lot of fact checking. Which means the PAI has a long list of phrases that are tagged as Maybe. the Maybe list is a curious set of issues. But then issues are broken down to Fundamental Facts,(FF). The result is that the Maybe list becomes smaller.