Chatbot Applied to an Online Job Interview

Michelangelo’s next job interview after painting the Sistine Chapel:
Patron: Michel, I hear good things about you from the Pope and your work on the Sistine Chapel.
Michel: Thank you, what did you have in mind?
Patron: Michel. I want you to paint my bathroom.
Michel: Ok, I can do that.
Patron: I’m thinking, "White, all white. And you can use a roller."

Job interviews; enough said.

Lets look at the journey.

Application Forms are a course filter.

Personnel Departments are a medium filter.

Hiring Supervisor is a fine filter.

And it’s still a roll of the dice.

Consider a set of solutions that reduces the wasting of everyone’s time.

Artists, they are very creative, and forms are Coyote ugly.

Curators, and their Advocates; enjoy the journey that the Artist has taken to create a particular work of art.

I submit the concept of Chatbots using BDD Testing applied to understanding a work of art.

As a Curator,
I want Artists to talk about their work of art.
So that I can offer solutions to Patrons.

As an Artist,
I want to respond to Patrons that ask the same questions.
So that I can communicate to more patrons.

This is enough of a topic for several doctoral dissertations.

Upon reflection; please consider Oracle Jones warning, "mediocrity is like shower mold."