AIML RiveScript ChatScript vs Curiosity

All three Chatbot formats do the job of answering questions about known facts. Here’s a question, “How would Single-Payer Medical Coverage apply to me?”

I don’t want a Chatbot that just answers questions, there are thousands of those. I need a neutral third party that can advise me on topics I am curious about. Do I need to be hammered by an endless parade of advertisements? No. Because, once I have chewed over the question, I’m moving on to the next interesting thing; for me. Are there fabricated lies in the wild? Yup. Are some of the fabricated lies not so easy to detect? Yup. So I need a chatbot that, “can separate wheat from chaff.”

So what tools, that exist, do the job? The short answer, “nothing.” I’m open to any constructive suggestions

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