Call for Chat Bot Suggestions

  • What Chat Bots are there in the wild?
  • How does one setup a Chat Bot?
  • How does one monitor actions of a Chat Bot?
  • How can I adjust the Chat Bot to find out solutions to my questions?
  • How can I setup the Chat Bot to communicate to others, including other Chat Bots?
  • Using Wikipedia as a foundation, use a Chat Bot to explore it and verify its articles.
  • Enhance the Chat Bot to determine if content is flawed.
  • Be able to use methods in Diplomacy to effectively communicate to flawed responses.
  • Be able to explain in Boolean terms why received communication is believed to be flawed or not flawed.
  • Chat Bot starts off as non judgemental, and as required, steers the conversation back to being non judgemental.
  • Chat Bot should be allowed to ask questions, and explore answers on the web, then evaluate those answers as flawed or not to derive a valid answer.
  • Set up a Chat Bot to read a web page, or other type document and evaluate it.
  • How to setup a Chat Bot to suggest possible courses of actions to the host.
  • Make the Chat Bot “3 Laws Safe”
  • Be able to dissect a flawed response

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